Art Deco Fan Shawl

My friend showed me a wonderful shawl she made long time ago. I would love to make one for myself. But, I was busy for other works and forgot about it. I was searched images for getting inspire last fall. I typed keyword like art nouveau and art deco.
I had found a tons of wallpaper images which have fan or shell shapes and I started remember the shawl my friend showed me.

I made this shawl through fall and winter. each motif just looks like North East Asian traditional fan or  Art deco wall paper pattern. I got inspiration for this shawl from art deco wallpaper and Panda silk DK fan shawl by Gail Tangquary as you see on the title.

My two lap top computers  were gone through last two months. I lost most of my works and I had to rewrite this pattern. Lovely friend Kaylee help me one very cold day. When we took pictures it was almost minus 20 degrees Celsius (= minus 4 dgrees Fahrenhiet).Fortunately, I did not delete the pictures from the camera.

I'm very thanks to three lovely ladies.
Gail Tangquary, who is a wonderful designer created the fan shape shawl.
Hyojung Kim, who is a stunning knitter, also has excellent insight.
Kaylee Perkins, who didn't hesitate to show her brave and smile.

ⓒ 2014 Maria Leigh

Art Deco Fan Shawl
US $6.00

Size 66 1/2" / 169cm Width and 18 3/4"/47.5cm long.
Yarn Knit picks Chroma Worsted (70% Wool, 30% Nylon [ 198yd/100]) Midwinter(#74) 3 skeins.
Needle US size 8 (4.5mm) cir of dpn
Gauge Each Fan 9 1/2"/24cm width and 5 1/4"/13.5cm long. 21yd /10.7g used.
Notion Tapestry needle.

In the pattern, I suggested cable CO and purl cable CO. Any CO technique is Okay. it's up to you whatever you selected. It's easy to make lager if you wish.

ⓒ 2014 Maria Leigh

ⓒ 2014 Maria Leigh

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