Secret Garden

I had spent incredibly busy days. D'Arcy were made three vegetable beds for me late spring through early summer. This is the first year as a gardener officially to me.
Also, Liz gave me a very early birthday gift. It's a magazine subscription of 'Canadian gardening'. This a whole new world. I had been believe myself I'm a natural born city girl from Seoul, population twelve million. But, maybe...There's instinct of farmer deep in side of me. Maybe...

I lost few of plants because of a rabbit family. They are so cute and I had thought that I can share some of my harvest with them at the first time. It was my prejudice after I read the book Peter rabbit. I had talked to D'Arcy that we really need a solution.
He built small fence around three vegetable bed. He's putting cobble stones around each bed and I did sow wild flower seeds around the fence.

It is a middle of July. I'm enjoying harvest: cucumbers, radishes and mizuna...
I'm planning for next year already on my mind.

These are few pictures from my secret garden.